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Hey, so I am not a professional cyclist by ANY means. This little post is just what I (a person who rides a fixed gear bike for fun) eats on one of my ‘longer’ (35 miles with decent climbs- 60 mile) rides. I typically ride approximately 80-90 miles a week.. 40 of those are split into 4, 10 mile morning pre-work rides and the other remainder of those are ridden on a Saturday.

A pre ride morning starts off with 700ml of water (keep hydrated people!) and a bowl of cooked oatmeal with:

  • Protein powder (we use the Sun Warrior Classic Protein Vanilla)
  • Banana and whatever fruits I have in the fridge or freezer
  • Toppings such as cocao nibs, nuts, coconut flakes, Sweet Freedom Choc Shot, peanut butter..

During our ride..

  • A bottle of 700ml water with a SIS GO Hydro Electrolyte tablet
  • 450ml plain water
  • Big energy bar (usually a Clif bar but sometimes a Trek bar or the Ma Baker Giant Bar)
  • 5 x dates
  • A smaller spare bar (don’t always eat this but good to have just in case I need that extra boost!)

When we get back, I usually cook a bowl of veggies and some form of protein. I know some people like to carb up post ride, but we prefer to have our main bulk of carbs in the evening. We find having a big meal immediately after a ride can be quite uncomfortable on our stomachs and can’t digest the food as easily. Of course we drink even more water when we get back.

Later on in the evening, I cook us a pretty carbohydrate focused meal. After all, carbs are great and we need the fuel/energy from carbs in order for our bodies to repair itself from all the energy lost! Our evening meal usually consists of rice, pasta or potato, with tons of vegetables (got to get those vitamins and replenish those lost nutrients) with some fats and proteins!

Now, for those evenings where we fancy a little bit of ‘junk’ or not so healthy food but don’t want to ‘override’ our healthy eating and exercise for the day, it’s easy to compromise! For example the other night I made no oil skinny potato fries, a big salad (cucumber, sweetcorn, beetroot, tomatoes and spring greens) and we had a small VBites Ham and Pineapple pizza each.. it went down a treat!


What do any of you vegan cyclists like to eat on your cycling days? I’d love to know!

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