Vegan Fish and Chips in Brighton- Little Jack Fuller’s

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Vegan Fish and Chips in Brighton- Little Jack Fuller'sI thought I would write a separate post on this place as I thoroughly really enjoyed my meal! Little Jack Fuller’s is a fairly new fish and chop shop in the popular St James Street in Kemptown part of Brighton.  They offer a vegan ‘fish’ cake on their regular menu but on Tuesdays, they do a ‘Vegan Tuesdays’ with an impressive vegan menu. They use a separate fryer with new oil too.

I’ve only seen one picture of the vegan menu board but on the day that I went in, the menu had changed slightly. Whether they are still testing their dishes or if they are constantly experimenting, it’s really good to see a changing menu.

Vegan Fish and Chips in Brighton- Little Jack Fuller's

(Left is one that they posted and on the right is one I took from when I went in).

As you can see, the menu is pretty exciting and in my opinion, very reasonably priced too, especially considering it’s so close to the seafront (some of the chip shops in Brighton charge silly prices)! A portion of small chips cost £1.50, medium £2.00 and large maybe £2.50/£3. A lot of regular chip shops charge £2.50 for small chips!

I went for the banana blossom and Chris went for the jackfruit scampi- which came with either their homemade vegan garlic mayo or their vegan tartar sauce. As I was already ordering the tartar sauce, I got the garlic mayo to go with the scampi. We each got a small portion of chips each, mushy peas to share a battered sausage each- I’ve never had a battered sausage before, even before going vegan, so I just had to try it!

Vegan Fish and Chips in Brighton- Little Jack Fuller's

So, what can I say?! It was absolutely delicious and I’m very excited to go back and try more of their AMAZING menu. The chips were wonderful, proper chip shop chippies- soft in the inside, a crispy outside and without being too greasy. The sausage was just a Linda McCartney one but the batter was great. As the sausages have a soft texture anyway, I think a more hot dog style or perhaps ones more like the Fry’s Traditional Sausages would have worked better. Nonetheless, it was still amazing. My banana blossom and sea herbs ‘battered cod’ was pretty divine. I’ve had banana blossom once before (as another fish ‘n’ chip style fish) and the very fibrous/meaty texture and look is so realistic! I had a bit of Chris’ jackfruit scampi and can confirm that it was super delicious and definitely resembled how I remember scampi tasting. The homemade tartar was great but their own made vegan mayo was particularly wonderful.

Well done Little Jack Fuller’s! It’s great to see a non-vegan place really try hard and succeed with their vegan offerings. You can tell, that they have spent time and care coming up with these tasty dishes.

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