Vegan Food in Berlin!

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For those who don’t know, Berlin is simply fantastic for vegan food and vegan lifestyle. I’m not quite sure why, but veganism seems so much more ‘natural’ with even some very meat orientated fast food vans and train station food places offering a vegan dish.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit the vegan chain supermarket Veganz in Vienna, but of course I could not visit Berlin without visiting the place where the chain started. Unlike our visit to Vienna’s Veganz, we didn’t really buy much (except a few bars of chocolate) but it was great to still look around. Coming out of Warschauer Straße station, you can already spot Veganz in all its glory. With plenty of seating outside, it’s a great place to people watch and eat. Inside on the ground floor is the supermarket itself and Goodies which serves veggie and vegan food. Upstairs is Avesu, a fully vegan footwear store who stock a range of different brands. And finally along the corridor, we come to The Bowl who serve 100% plant based clean foods, in you guessed it, bowls:

The bowl

We had the intentions of having a light dinner, but ended up going the very opposite way at Viasko, a fully vegan restaurant and pub who advertise themselves as ‘Animal Friendly, Anti Fascist, Gay Positive and Pro Feminist.’



For breakfast we took a trip to Rawtastic. As well as different breakfast bits they do completely raw soups, ‘cheese’ boards, a burger, pizza and even a lasagne. We just wanted something light to start the day so both went for smoothie bowls. I had a banana, cacao and maca type bowl and Chris went for a berry bowl filled with various superfoods. After a a good few hours of sight seeing, we needed something big and filling, so went for burgers at Yellow Sunshine Burgers whose menu is organic and about 80% vegan and 20% veggie. I ordered one Hawaii burger and one Mexican burger but we ended with two Hawaii Burgers (definitely down my ordering skills!). The burgers were great and the chips, well.. I’m still daydreaming about those chips! In the evening we went to Brammibal’s Vegan Dounts and picked up a box of four (chocolate fudge, apple pie, mint chocolate and coconut). We had two back in the hotel and decided to save the rest for the morning.
Day 2 Food


For Chris’ birthday morning, we started the day with watermelon, apples and a smoothie (we bought from a supermarket the night before) and of course one last donut each (so good) from Brammibal’s. After a few hours of more exploring, we could feel our bellies getting a little hungry so we decided to try Ohlala, a fully vegan cake and café/restaurant. It had a super cute French tea shop feel which contrasted so well against the punky DIY posters, stickers and t-shirts and patches which were for sale. I got an amazing and super chocolatey crêpe and our minimal knowledge of the German language meant Chris got a pizza instead of what we thought was a cheese & tomato toastie (still, it was so nice and was slightly lighter than a normal pizza). Chris also got a cookie cake (forgot to photograph his food!). We found a park at the end of the road and enjoyed some food in the sunshine. For dinner we went to Sfizy Veg, a vegan ‘Spaghetteria and Pizzeria’. We went half and half on a Carbonara and the ‘Radical Chic’ pizza (cheese, tomato sauce, artichokes , ham, olives, spinach , fresh tomatoes , arugula and parmesan). I also totally recommend the ‘Himbeer-Bananen-Soyamilch’ which was a fizzy raspberry milkshake. The decor in the place was so fun.. just one of those places where you want to take a photo of everything and can’t stop looking around- a definite place to eat.

Day 3


Our final day, meant eating some apples in the hotel before wondering round our little district for the last time. We then went to Let it Be, which was further out of the city centre, on the airport S-Bahn line, and is a vegan crêperie, burger & bar. I went for the Chrissie Hynde (seitan patty with gherkins, homemade mayo, ketchup and mustard) and Chris went for the Omar Rodríguez-López (black bean patty with homemade sour cream, chipolate mayo, and jalapeños). We both went for a side of wedges each, but could have definitely done with just the one portion between us! We both really liked the vibe here.

Let it Be

There were still so many places we could have gone too, so you really will have no problem eating out when travelling around Berlin. Despite our awful German, the staff were super helpful and friendly everywhere. I’ve written a blog post on what we did, which can be found here and here’s a little visual diary of our time here and video of some of the places we ate:


Thanks for reading and watching x


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