Vegan Food in Berlin [2017 Trip]

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For my birthday a few weeks ago, Chris very generously gifted me with a 5 day trip to Berlin.. It’s one of our favourite places and I feel so lucky to have been able to go back! A massive thank you to you Chris <3. How he managed to keep it a secret, I do not know! Although we only went last year, we really wanted to come back to explore more and of course, eat more wonderful vegan food, that Berlin is so well known for. You only need to look at #veganberlin or go on Happy Cow to see the countless of fully vegan eateries. From our trip last year we checked out some really great places (you can read my 2016 food post here) yet there were so many more places we hadn’t been too. This year we tried to check out some more..

Day 1

Since we landed at lunch time and had a couple of hours before we could check in, we went to Geh Veg. It is a really sweet cafe/deli which sells breakfasts, lunches cakes and even has an ice cream counter. As it was just a few stops away on the U-Bahn from our hotel, it was the perfect quick place to stop off at to have a little something. I went for a tofu bagel and Chris went for a black bean burger.

Dinner later that evening was at The Bowl. Although we went there last time, we really wanted to go back as it had left such a good impression on us. I had the California bowl, Chris had the Asian bowl and we shared a side of new potatoes in a pear and mustard dressing. We also had a smoothie each.. my ‘Pink Power’ one was One of the best smoothies I’ve ever had! It’s safe to say that we left the restaurant completely full.

Day 2

To fuel ourselves for the day, we went to Jivamukati Canteen, which is part of a yoga venue. Everything is vegan and organic and they have an eco ethic (glass jars which you bring back to reuse etc). I had fruit Bircher muesli and Chris went for the chia pudding.

For a late lunch (around 3pm) we went to Lia’s Kitchen who specialise in homemade burgers and big salad bowls. We both went for the quinoa lentil burger which came with a peanut dressing. I ordered extra cheese in mine. The burger was great but the chips won it for me! We then had ice creams at Eiskontor Berlin. Chris had After Eight flavour in a cone and I had chocolate peanut butter and cotton candy in a bowl.

As lunch was so late we didn’t want a full dinner so picked up som picnic bits from Alnatura, an organic supermarket chain. There are other organic food chain shops such as Bio Deli and Denns Biomarkt, which all serve vegan baked goods such as brownies, muffins and choc chip scones!

Jivamukati Canteen, Lia's Kitchen, Kontor Eismanukator, Alnatura Berlin

Day 3

After going to Brammibal’s Donuts last year, we couldn’t not go back this time. So our first meal of the day (brunch) was a cold brew and 2 donuts each (chocolate peanut butter fudge, bannana peanut butter fudge, nougat and salted caramel & hazelnut)! There’s just no holding back on holiday! We had some snacks with us (bananas, cold press juice from Los Angeles Cold Press and protein bars) so managed to hold off having lunch until dinner at La Stella Nera, a fully vegan Neapolitan pizzaria. The pizza is cooked in a wood fire oven and was soooooo good! It’s also a collective run business, so it’s self organised with no boss and decisions are fairly made between all staff, pretty awesome don’t ya think! We had the 3 praline plate to share for a little dessert.

Brammibal's Donuts, Los Angeles Cold Press, La Stella Nera

Day 4

We went for breakfast at Vegan Tiger, I had their special porridge and Chris had their tofu, avo on pesto toast. We both had a smoothie each too. Again, as we were busy exploring, we had a very late lunch /early dinner at 1990 Vegan Kitchen.  It’s a vegan Vietnamese restuarant and the food here was absolutely incredible and was definitely our favourite meal of the trip. The flavours were amazing and nothing was greasy or too oily, just perfectly cooked in my opinion! Like us, most people went for the smaller sharing dishes rather than the mains- it’s just a great way to try a bit of everything! Our particular favourites were the tofu curry, deep fried tofu, rice vegetable rolls with a delicious peanut sauce and the bau buns. Just typing this, is making me want it again! Even though we were pretty full, we still wanted to try the second vegan ice cream palour- Balaram, which was literally just across the road. I had tiramisu and macadamia nut brittle whilst Chris had nougat and the macadamia nut brittle also. We later finished off the evening with a little drink and vegan chocolate from Veganz by one of the many river banks.

Vegan Tiger, The Barn, 1990 Vegan Living, Balaram, Veganz Berlin

Day 5

For our last breakfast, we intended to go to Rawtastic but on our way realised it wasn’t open for another hour. I’d already heard of this porridge and coffee shop (Haferkater) that offer several vegan options and as it was at the same stop as Rawtastic, we went there instead. It was actually our cheapest breakfast and Chris’ favourite. My detox matcha was made from coconut and rice milk and was really good!

For our last late lunch/dinner we went to vego Foodworld a vegan (organic) fast food eaterie. This was quite different from the other burger place we went too.. as in, all the vegan junk food (burgers, pizzas, chick’n nuggests, hotdogs, currywurst..).  I went for the fried chicken burger and Chris had the Hawaii burger. They were so good and not actually as greasy as I thought they would be! As a chippy lover, I can confirm that the fries were mouth-wateringly great. I also had a side of nuggets which came with a sweet chilli dip and a coconut and mint shake. This meal was a fantastic way to end our amazing trip.

Haferkater & Vego Foodworld Berlin

As always, the vegan food in Berlin was amazing and did not disappoint us. There’s such a mix of all different types of food and cuisines! So many places use organic ingredients too which is just another bonus. To drag the vegan Berlin food experience out, we also bought some snacks back home with us from Veganz.

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