Vegan Food in London

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For Chris’ birthday weekend, we spent one of the days in London. We had beautiful sunshine and warmth. We got to visit a couple of galleries, chill in the park and of course eat some awesome vegan food.


For lunch, we made our way straight to the Soho Vegan Market from Victoria station. I just love street food, and it’s a great way to share and for everyone to get exactly what they want. We ended up sharing a tofu pad thai from Greedy Khao and the ‘Green Monster’ burger (a pea, spinach, broccoli, sundried tomato & red pepper burger patty with cheese and slaw in a matcha bun )with cheesy nachos from The Green Grill. Both were super tasty- Chris slightly preferred the noodles and I slightly preferred the burger (the soft matcha bun and dressing inside won it over for me)!Soho Vegan Market- The Green Grill and Greedy Khao


As lunch was pretty filling and because I definitely wanted dessert, we went to Cook Daily in Boxpark Shoreditch and just shared one of the bowls. I try and get something different each time, so this time we went for the ‘High Grade’ (stir-fried tofu and veggies in hemp oil and with a smokey sweet ‘n’ sour bbq sauce over brown rice) with some crispy spring rolls. It was delicious!Vegan London Shoreditch- Cook Daily


I’d seen Nosteagia (at Boxpark again) on Instagram- they are run by Asians and serve Hong Kong style bubble waffles and bubble tea. When we were in Hong Kong, back in March, Chris and I saw so many vendors selling these and I was always on the lookout for a vegan version (they are made with egg). I was super excited when I saw that Nosteagia have a vegan menu, so just HAD to come and try! As soon as I saw their vegan special, I didn’t really bother looking at the vegan menu.. vegan bubble waffle served with taro ice cream (again, I had so much taro in HK and miss it so much), peanut sauce, crunchy peanuts and coconut for the topping. And oh my..this was absolutely incredible and one of the best desserts/ sweet treats I’ve had in a long while! The dough was so soft and the ice cream and toppings worked so beautifully together. I will definitely be back!Vegan in London- Nosteagia- Vegan Bubble Waffles

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