Mooshies and Vida Bakery: London

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One of my favourite things about visiting London is of course all the vegan food that is on offer. More and more vegan eateries are opening up, which is so encouraging and positive to see. Our most recent visit to the capital was to see the band American Football and our visit involved trying two new vegan places which I’d been eyeing up on Instagram.

The first stop was Mooshies, a 100% plant based/vegan burger bar on Brick Lane in Shoreditch. Whilst the menu isn’t particularly extensive; just three regular burgers, one limited edition burger and a few select sides, quality and taste definitely has not been neglected.

I choose the ‘Fillet-om-Fish’ which was aubergine based. As much as I love aubergine, I really could not tell taste it (great for those who don’t like eggplants!).  The texture of the both the deep fried aubergine against the homemade tartar sauce and melty cheese was so delicious and really spot on. Chris opted for the ‘What’s your Beef’ burger which was made from quinoa and black beans. It had a homemade mayonnaise and of course cheese. I had sweet potato fries and Chris had cheesy potato fries. We shared a side of the fried ‘Chick ‘P’ Bites’ which came with the most amazing sweet chilli mayo dip. We can honestly say that these were the most tasty burgers that we have ever had in England!

Mooshies stock a couple of sweet treats from Vida Bakery, a fully vegan and gluten free bakery.  However I couldn’t leave London without going to the bakery itself.. Plus it is only a couple of roads away! I wish I got pictures of our treats but as we were so full from the burgers, they went straight in my bag and I forgot to take a picture of them before we ate them. You can have my word that they were VERY tasty! Chris had a chocolate mint cupcake and I had a vanilla sponge cupcake with the cutest mini pink doughnut on the icing. We both shared an oat and raisin cookie. As it was so cold, we both got a hot chocolate each and hands down, it was the most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Definitely have it with oat milk rather than soya!

We try and go to a new vegan place each time we visit London.. Let me know of any places you particularly love please!


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