Vegan Garden Party- Brighton

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There are more and more vegan festivals popping up all over the UK (and all the world). Pretty awesome right? In my opinion, these festivals are fantastic. It’s a great way for vegans to meet, for small business to grow and of course to encourage and show non-vegans just how easy a transition to a vegan lifestyle can be. No matter how long you’re vegan, I think it’s important to support these events. You get to discover more new brands and of course try more new food!

Now this little one on Saturday 15th July was hosted by Earth & Soul Kitchen in order to support and promote local vegan companies and organisations in an outdoor event. After all, supporting independent and local is important!

There were only a few number of venders but it meant I actually had time to properly stop and take in everything. Here are some quick snaps of stalls which took my particular interest. I picked up a jar of delicious  pecan butter (just peanuts and a pinch of salt, natural is best!) from Katie’s Nuttery and a pizza swirl and a pack of 2 cookies for Chris from Cactus Kitchen Gals.

We then went and got some food from Earth & Soul Kitchen. I went for their jackfruit wrap and salad meal. The mayo mixed with the seasoned jackfruit was so good and the potato salad was really nice. Definitely recommend this meal deal if you get a chance :).

We then had a little walk around, got some cake and sat down to watch activist James Aspey do an hour long chat and Q&A.

Although we were only there for 3 hours or so, it was a really sweet event that was very well curated. I’m glad I got to support some local companies. As it was a free event and in such a central area, non vegans were walking past and so they were drawn in too. I heard that it got some talking about making the change or at least questioning their dietary choices.

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