Vegan in Malaysia- Part 2- Langkawi

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Langkawi island was definitely the ‘trickiest’ place we’ve ever been too in terms of eating vegan food out, but in no means was it difficult and we enjoyed some super wonderful food there! During our time in Langkawi, we stayed in Panji Panji Tropical Wooden Home, which is an utterly beautiful small lodging. It was calm, surrounded by greenery and you could hear nature all around, the staff were so incredibly friendly too. Our stay included one meal a day as well as a coffee and a juice from their on-site speciality coffee cafe ‘Smiling Buffalo,’ (the only speciality coffee on the island!) Although there were no vegan options on the menu, I notified them beforehand and said that we would probably skip the meal, or could we just be given a fruit salad each day. However as you’ll find out.. they went above and beyond this!

Day 6
Smiling Buffalofresh fruit juice and a drink upon arrival
The Kasbah– A very cool restaurant that’s part of a hostel. Not vegan but vegetarian and vegan options are clearly labelled. Staff are really friendly. A great chilled vibe here. The ‘Vegan Special Ciabatta’ (tempeh based) with wedges were super delicious and well needed!

Day 7
Smiling Buffalo– An amazing ‘Panji Panji’ special iced latte (with coconut milk), mango salad with balsamic vinegar and a fruit salad and a dragon fruit juice (each!)
Fruit & breadsticks whilst out during the day.
Fat Cupid– A lovely restaurant (we ‘dressed’ up a bit more on this night out). Vegetarian options are labelled and we checked whether these were vegan. The staff were knowledgeable about veganism. On their IG they post vegan things, despite items not labelled as vegan on the actual menu. We had delicious Potato & Pumpkin Masak Lemak and a Mushroom and Tofu Burger. The lychee ice drinks were amazing.

Day 8
We tried to go to Indiana a vegetarian cafe but the kitchen was closed (despite their FB and Happy Cow saying otherwise), they told me it would open tomorrow. Went back The Kasbah for a smoothie bowl and drink.
Smiling Buffalo the chefs cooked us INCREDIBLE vegan waffles with mango, syrup and a coconut cream and caramelised banana pancakes with syrup ( I still cannot believe how tasty they were and how kind Panji Panji were to cook these for us) along with iced lattes, juice and fruit salad.
Falafel (unknown name)- There quite a lot of falafel restaurants and stores (just make sure there’s no yoghurt sauce) in the main Pantai Cenang strip.

Day 9
Smiling Buffalo  we both went for the caramelised banana pancakes this time with syrup and had the iced latte, fruit bowl and juice each.
I Whatsapped Indiana to check that they were open but they said the kitchen was closed- so I highly advise messaging them before trying to go here! We went for a super fresh falafel (unknown name) and chips from a vendor in the main Pantai Cenang strip.

Highlights -Smiling Buffalo, The Kasbah, FatCupid

It’s worth noting that there is one vegan place on the Island (Langkawi Vegetarian Restaurant but it is on the other side to where we were staying and only has breakfast-lunch opening hours. I’ve also since seen that another new vegetarian restaurant has opened on the island- Melior.


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