Vegan in Malaysia- Part 3- Penang

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Penang is considered the food capital of Malaysia, and there is no mistaking why! The food was phenomenal here, it definitely really added to our experience and love for this place. We stayed in George Town which is the capital of Penang state. We found Penang to have the most vegan restaurants (rather than veggie offering vegan dishes) and faced no issues when it came to food.

Day 10
Smiling Buffalo- one last amazing breakfast here. Both had the caramelised banana pancakes, an iced latte, fruit bowl and juice.
Pinxin Vegan Cuisine (VGN)– A beautifully decorated and modern restaurant. I had a gorgeous tempeh Nasi Lemak and I chose a wild orange and chocolate hot chocolate (even though it was summer)! Chris had a super tasty tempeh rice dish. We shared these amazing mushroom satay skewers too. The food here was so flavoursome and beautifully cooked.
The Ais (V) A lovely homemade ice cream store with several changing vegan ice cream options. The cones are vegan too.

Day 11
Ee Bing Vegetarian (VGN)– an amazing all-vegan buffet serving Chinese and Malaysian food. So much to chose from and it was all incredible! The server ‘eyeballs’ your plate and sets a price. Each plate was only about £2 each! I also picked up a ‘curry puff’ (separately priced) and a pumpkin steamed bun which is individually priced and we had this during the day.
For You Yen Vegetarian Centre (VGN)- A Super sweet  Chinese run vegan restaurant (but with Malay dishes as well). They offer a buffet and a la carte menu. The staff didn’t really speak English but they were so welcoming and smiley. They gave us plates straight away, piled rice on and led us to the buffet counter,  so we assumed they thought we were here for the buffet. As we were near closing, there weren’t as many dishes left but it was still really tasty!

Day 12
Evergreen Vegetarian House (VGN) Again, another amazing all-vegan buffet with an even bigger selection of Chinese and Malay dishes. As this place was bigger and therefore had more choice, we slightly preferred this place to yesterdays. However, both are simply amazing and you can leave with incredibly happy bellies! Again prices are based on the ‘size’ of the plate and again was only about £2. We brought a curry puff, lotus bean steamed bun and a red bean steamed bun (again, separately priced) to takeaway with us. The restaurant also has a small shop so we took some homemade Penang biscuits- hong pneah to take back.
Lily’s Vegetarian Cafe (V) – Both had lovely curry dishes and took a lovely slice of chocolate caramel cake to take back to the apartment.

Day 13
Re-heated steamed lotus bean bun and curry puff (from yesterday) for breakfast
Blue Vegan Restaurant (VGN) a lovely airy and modern cafe/restaurant. I had a selection of sides- Indon tempeh (a Penang special), popcorn mushroom and salad for me and Chris has the Indon temple burger. The food was fresh, flavourful and delicious!

On this day, we also flew back to Kuala Lumpur for one last night as our flight back to the UK was the next day. We ate at Mr Naan and Mrs Idly (i’ve included this in the Kuala Lumpur post.

Highlights-Evergreen Vegetarian House, Pinxin Vegan Cuisine, Ee Bing Vegetarian Centre, Evergreen Vegetarian House, Blue Vegan Restaurant

As you can see, we ate so well during our trip. I feel so fortunate to have been able to visit Malaysia, experience some fo the culture and eat all the amazing food. Thank you for making us feel so welcome Malaysia!

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