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In February, Chris and I went to Prague for four days to celebrate our anniversary. The week prior to our trip, it had been snowing in the city but during our stay, there were glorious blue skies and it was really quite mild. Regardless of what beautiful weather we had, Prague is such an interesting city, full of culture, arts and stunning architecture. We had absolutely no issues eating, with thanks to trusty Happy Cow and it’s totally worth mentioning, that eating out is SO much cheaper than in the UK or any other European cities we’ve visited. A burger, chips and drink can easily cost £15 pp in Brighton or London, but here in Prague, both of us could eat that for £15 and still have change! Here’s a run through for all the yummy food we had.


Day 1


A modern vegan bistro where the menu is made up of burgers, superfood bowls, other hot mains and sides. As we left Brighton/London Gatwick too early for breakfast and didn’t check in until gone 3pm.. one breakfast bar and an apple really wasn’t enough and we were both craving filling burgers and chips. I went for the French Burger- which came with sweet & sour thyme chutney, dijon mustard and lettuce and Chris went for the Cheez Burger. We both had mixed (white and sweet) potato fries which were very well done and had a homemade garlic mayo and a super delicious curry sauce dip. A cold bottle of Fritz Kola (one of our favourites and automatically puts us in holiday mode) finished it off wonderfully. A really amazing first meal!

Forky's Vegan Prage

World Vegan

As we were (sort of) in the area (#willtravelforveganfood), we popped into a vegan food store called World Vegan to buy snacks to take home and gifts too. They had a huge amount of snacks, baked goods, household items and food- including fridges and freezers. We got a few goodies!

Vegan Prague- World Vegan Shop


As we ate so late, we were still pretty full but grabbed a couple of sushi sandwiches from an all-vegan Japanese style modern takeaway eatery. This was a great option if you want something on the go or want to have something later on.  We went for a broccoli & greens and a kimchi tofu filling. Both were lovely and felt full of plant-based/wholefood ‘goodness.’ We ended up having these back to the hotel around 9/10pm!).Vegan Prague- Onigirazu

Day 2

As we were staying in a serviced apartment, I took some porridge sachets with us so we had a small bowl of banana porridge to set us up for the day. We were even left chocolates on our bed, which happened to be vegan and fairtrade- these went straight into our porridge :). After a museum visit, we went to cross the landmark Charles Bridge. Here you smell the most glorious sweet, sugary smell of trdelnik (chimney cakes) which are made from dough wrapped around a cone-shaped rod and are cooked over a charcoal oven. They are then dipped in sugar and cinnamon and you can choose from many fillings (which aren’t vegan). There are many stalls and open shops selling these, most of which use egg. However, the second stall on the left as you cross the bridge (on the castle side) have vegan-friendly ones.

Vegan Prague- Vegan Trdelnik

Vegans Praha

For another late lunch (regular eating habits go right out of the window when travelling), we went to Vegans Praha which is near Prague Castle. I had read on Happy Cow that they serve vegan versions of classic Czech dishes, so we just had to go here. They also sell burgers, salads and other ‘world cuisine’ dishes, but we just had to try the Svíčková with Dumplings and Smoked Tempeh and Traditional Potatoes Goulash. The creamy and flavourful sauce in the Svíčková was just divine and the cranberry jam on the smoked tempeh was so beautiful! The goulash was lovely as well, but the other dish won it for me! The restaurant (and it was an actual restaurant rather than bistro or cafe!) is at the top of a windy staircase and the views from the top are amazing. The homemade lemonade was lovely too.

Vegan Prage- Vegans Praha


There are several branches of this vegan Asian buffet and a la carte style eatery with some having health-related shops attached. We both went for options on the main menu rather than the buffet, as we weren’t super hungry. I had the battered ‘prawn’ salad and Chris went for the Veggie Delight. We shared some beautifully made beancurd summer rolls, which were the biggest I’d ever had or seen and came with a sweet chilli dip.

Vegan Prague- Veganland

Day 3

We also started our third day with porridge in the hotel.

Cafe Moment

For our lunch stop, we went to Moment, which is a super lovely and cool vegan cafe. There were lots of feminist, vegan and antifascist stickers around :). We both had different bagels and shared some fried carrot and potatoes with soyannaise. My tofu and kimchi bagel was really lovely, but definitely felt more like a burger than a bagel! I had an amazing chai latte too.Vegan Prague- Cafe Moment


This lovely decorated restaurant definitely makes a highlight of the trip as we both had such an amazing meal each here! They describe their menu as ‘modern vegan cuisine.’ Chris went for the Miso Ramen which also came with lovely tofu, shitake mushrooms, pak choi and sprouts. I went for the Cauliflower Steak which was served with harissa, chickpeas, potato purée and a tahini-lemon sauce. Now, this dish was BEAUTIFUL, slightly too salty than I would have liked, but still.. seriously, WOW. The purée potato was so light and creamy and the harissa cauliflower pieces were so crisp and wonderfully done. All the components of the dish worked so well together, I just loved it!

Vegan Prague- Pastva

Day 4


On the last day, we decided to go and have a brunch rather than having breakfast in the apartment. Herbivore is a lovely vegan cafe that serves smoothies, smoothie bowls and breakfast bowls, salad buffet and raw sweet treats. At the back of the cafe, is a lovely and I suppose, more higher-end/pricier style vegan shop with lots of organic bits. We both had a smoothie each and Chris had an açai bowl and I went for the choco muesli with coconut milk.

Vegan Prague- Herbivore

MoMo Cafe

About a two minute walk away there is a very small vegan takeaway espresso bar with a dessert counter. We picked up a brownie and a Viennese swirl to take with us. We had these a little later on the day- the cream in the Viennese swirl was very good!

Vegan Prague- MoMo Cafe


A lovely vegan bistro serves pizzas and burgers. We decided to share the artichoke pizza and the ‘broccoli’ burger (made from broccoli with spices, cheese, caramelized onion, soyannaise, mixed salad, onion, ketchup and mixed sprouts). Both were so good and were surprisingly not overly heavy or greasy as pizzas and burgers can be.

Vegan Prague- Chutnej

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Right next door to Chutnej is a vegan doughnut shop. We couldn’t leave Prague without one final treat so I chose a chocolate and pretzel doughnut and a caramel lotus biscuit doughnut! We shared one doughnut on the way to the airport and the other one (not pictured) flew back with us back to the UK and we had it the next day!

Vegan Prague Doughnuts- Blue Vegan Pig ShopAs you can see, all the eateries (bar the tredlnik) were completely vegan. There were still many other vegan restaurants and cafes we didn’t make and an abundance of vegetarian places too.  Even without the amazing food, I would definitely recommend visiting Prague if you ever get the opportunity!

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