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Our latest Europe city break was spent in stunning Rome, Italy. As well as exploring the history and art of Rome, we also got to sample some of Rome’s fantastic vegan delights. Some of the real highlights were the sweet treats and fresh pastas.

Day 1

Ops! Ops Cuchina Mediteranea Vegetariana (VGN)

A pay by the wight, fully vegan buffet restaurant. The food was super fresh and had such a variety of choice. As well as Italian and Mediterranean dishes, there were some Asian-fusion dishes available as well. The pastas were super fresh, soft and amazing- particularly the lasagnes!

Vegan Rome- Ops!

Flower Burger (VGN)

A fully vegan ‘rainbowl’ burger restaurant (and chain). There are two branches in Rome and on the first night, we went to the one in Prati. The burgers are made from fresh wholefood ingredients with homemade cheeses. We shared both the Cherry Bomb (lentil & basmati rice patty, rocktail sauce, tomato confit, lettuce, homemade cheddar and sprouts) and the Flower Burger (seitan & kidney bean patty, ‘magik’ sauce, tomato confit, lettuce, homemade cheddar and sprouts). The Cherry Bomb was my favourite, whilst Chris’ was the Flower Burger. However, both were completely wonderful and were the best burgers I’ve had in a while. We shared a side of potato wedges, which were huge for one portion! 100% recommend here!

Flower Burger- Vegan Rome

Day 2

Grezzo Raw Chocolate (VGN)

A beautiful handmade raw chocolate shop, with chocolates, ice cream, smoothies, coffee and other sweet treats. This lovely shop was super tasty. I had an amazing ice cream cup of  a scoop of almond & coffee and pistachio, with a cookie on top. Chris had a scoop of chocolate hazelnut which was so rich and delicious.  All the flavours were fantastic! We took a large chocolate and hazelnut ball to takeaway (not pictured)- being raw and by the time we got round to eating it later on in the day, it had really melted- but it was the best indulgent and glorious chocolatey, hazelnutty- and caramely melted gooey mess, I’ve ever had!

Grezzo Raw Chocolate- Vegan Rome

100% Bio (VGN food but serve dairy for coffee)

We sat outside in the glorious sunshine eating the incredibly fresh and wide choice of food here. Again, it’s a pay by weight buffet, but they have small pizzas, sandwiches/burgers and baked goods available to buy separately. We shared a lovely cheese & tomato pizza and shared a big plate of the buffet. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t enjoy, but the arancini, pastas and baked butternut squash was particularly great. All dishes are palm oil free (!!) and are made with certified organic natural ingredients. They pay attention to waste/the environment, offer micro-filtered water  The staff were really friendly and I would highly recommend eating here.

100% Bio- Vegan Rome

Buddy Italian Restaurant Cafe

This was the only non vegan/veggie place we went too during our trip to Rome (and perhaps the only none V. place we’ve eaten in during our travels!). We initially tried to go to a vegan pizza place called Madre Terre (we tried twice actually) but both times were closed. Due the location and opening times of other vegan/veggie places, we decided to head back to our apartment and find something nearby. I had actually researched this place before we left for Rome, as I had seen they offered a range of vegan pizzas and it turned out to be 10 min walk from our Airbnb. They have a vegan menu- appetisers, first & second course as well as desserts. Chris went for the vegan carbonara and I had an apple & pomegranate salad with a lovely orange and lie dressing and fried spinach balls in a rich and thick tomato sauce. It was all super fresh and tasty.

Buddy Italian- Vegan Rome

Day 3

Ma’Va (VGN)

One of my favourite places we ate at whilst in Rome so would advise you to go here! This lovely Italian restaurant is so cosy and very ‘local,’ the staff were really helpful and friendly as well. It had a really extensive menu and it was difficult to choose! For the appetizer we had the ‘Appetizer Ma Va’ (hummus, sea cous cous and tempeh). Four our mains I had an incredible creamy raddish, walnut & smoked tofu pasta dish (ahh-mazing) and Chris had a smoked tofu and tomato amatriciana dish. Fantastic!

Ma Va'- Vegan Rome

iVegan (VGN)

An all vegan supermarket (foods and cosmetics) and on-site kitchen as well. I spent a little while here, there was so much to look and to choose from. Great for gift buying and bringing Italian treats back as well. I’m not sure if it’s part of their ethos, but all the biscuits I found were palm oil-free (which is VERY rare for biscuits). As I avoid palm oil, I definitely took advantage of this! We also picked up the most incredible cannoli and tiramisu and I wish I could have more, because they were some of the best desserts I have ever had in my life!

iVegan- Vegan Rome

Ecru (VGN)

A beautiful raw vegan restaurant, with a lovely curated menu. We shared vegetable crisps with a cashew cream as a side/starter. For our mains, we went halves on a sun-dried tomato and avocado sandwich and a broccoli, hazelnut & turmeric quinoa and tofu dish with mayonnaise and miso chickpeas. I’ve not had raw bread before, but I thoroughly enjoyed the texture as well as the taste. The quinoa ‘tabouleh’ was seasoned so so well. We really enjoyed the food here and liked the calm atmosphere of the restaurant.

Ecru- Vegan Rome

Day 4

Flower Burger (VGN)

On our last day, we went to Flower Burger, but to their other  branch, which is about 20 mins from the main Termini train station. We went for two different burgers- Spicy Chickpea (chickpea & pearl barley patty, spicy sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and onion tatar) and the Cheesy Chickpea- Chickpea & pearl barley patty, tartarella sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese with herbs). Again, we shared a portion of wedges. My favourite out of these was the Cheesy Chickpea but overall, the winner was the Cherry Bomb from the first night.

Flower Burger- Vegan Rome

Olive Dolcie (VGN)

Before heading back, we stopped off at a vegan gelato place. It had an extensive range of fruit based and ‘cream’ based gelato, along with homemade magnum style icecreams, various Italian biscuits and cakes. I had a large cup with 4 scoops- chocolate hazelnut, coffee, peanut and apple & cinnamon, all of which were just as fantastic as each other and I really cannot give a preference! Chris had pistachio, mint and banana, which he loved as well. We took away two chocolate & hazelnut filled biscuits, which we had outside in the sunshine. Another favourite place of mine!

Olive Dolcie- Vegan Rome

Highlights- Ma’Va, Flower Burger,  iVegan and Olive Dolcie


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