Vegan in Southsea- Hunter Gatherer (Albert Road)

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As my family live in Portsmouth, I often go back to visit them. On a recent trip, I went with my mum and sister to Hunter Gatherer in Southsea. It’s a speciality coffee shop with a fully vegetarian (mostly vegan) menu/kitchen. I believe the cafe has been there for a little while but only went fully vegetarian in 2017. I’d seen a few people post about it, so I was excited when I arranged the lunch out with my sister and mum.

Vegan Southsea- Hunter GathererThey don’t have their brunch menu online but you can see their main lunch menu. I’d say that 80% of it was actually vegan by default. Although it was about 1:30 when we ordered, my mum went for the burnt orange and fig porridge and my sister and I shared the Green Goddess (spinach, roasted broccoli, pesto, vegan cream cheese & seeds in an activated charcoal seeded bun) and the Seitans Rainbow sourdough sandwich (smokey seitan rashers, roasted garlic, avocado, carrot & orange slaw, candy beets, lemon tahini dressing). There was a little wait as it was a nice sunny day and the cafe was a little understaffed, but we didn’t mind as it was so nice sipping our drinks (I had a coconut milk matcha latte) and chatting. When the food was served, it certainly made up for the slight wait. It really was so delicious and flavoursome. It was the perfect size for lunch and all three of us were equally impressed with the food. We will definitely be back. I also got a marmite and ‘cheeze’ sausage roll (not pictured), which I had for my dinner later on in the day!Vegan Southsea- Hunter Gatherer

As we were waiting for our food, we realised that the three of us hadn’t been out together in more than ten years! Of course, we’d been out as a family with other people, but not just the three of us. It made the lunch out even more special! It’s really great to see the vegan food scene and movement growing in areas outside of London and Brighton (where you expect an abundance of offerings). You can tell that the ingredients and dishes have been carefully thought out.

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