Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

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95% of the time, I make/take my lunch to work. It saves a lot of money, gives me time to sit down and relax (often with a book) or to go out on my lunch break if I’m popping to the local market and also saves on waste! I usually bulk cook the evening before and will use that for lunch, along with an additional side salad or I will add extra carbs.

Here are some ideas of some lunches I’ve particularly enjoyed:

Roasted Veg & Yellow Squash with Cavolo Nero

  • Steamed cavolo nero and brussles sprouts
  • Roasted yellow squash with turmeric and black pepper and olive oil
  • Roasted peppers and carrots
  • Tahini, sriracha and soya sauce dressing

Swede with Fried Chestnuts and Green Medley  

  • Boiled swede
  • Fried garlic broccoli, cavolo nero, chestnuts and brussles sprouts in sesame oil and sesame seeds
  • Hummous

Jackfruit chilli and Salad

  • Jackfruit chilli with peppers, onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, carrots, liquid smoke and Cajun spices
  • Raw spinach and sugar snap peas
  • Fried broccoli and sprouts

Giant Cous Cous and Sweet Potato Rainbow Salad

  • Giant cous cous
    No oil baked sweet potato cubes
  • Raw carrots, peppers, cucumber, green beans and red cabbage
  • Hummus

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

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