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I’m a little slow posting about this, but, a wonderful vegan festival took place over the weekend of June 3rd-June 4th over at The Level in Brighton. It was in partner with Viva! but seemed to be pretty independently run. We took a quick visit on the Saturday and I’m so glad we did. I wasn’t sure too what to expect, I hadn’t heard of this event before. I also hadn’t been to any outdoor vegan festival, so I was pretty intrigued beforehand! In my opinion, the weather that day was perfect for an outdoor event. It was sunny and warm, but not too hot! The summer weather also meant it was more of an excuse to eat more ice cream,  but do you ever need an excuse to eat vegan ice cream?!

We initially looked around all the food stalls to suss out who was there and what type of food we wanted. As we had a family birthday meal that evening, neither of us wanted anything too heavy or big. We settled for an Indian thali which was served on a plate made from leaves (how very vegan!!). The caterers didn’t have any signage or banners so I can’t recall their name! The food was lovely and the perfect size for what we wanted.

As the dish wasn’t huge, it was definitely time and room for a sweet treat. There were of course plenty of cakes and baked goods, but there was also 3 places that served ice cream and one place which served fro yo. I love soft serve type ice creams so very nearly went for the fro yo, however I changed my mind at the last minute and am I so glad I’m did. I’m sure the fro yo (which was coconut based and had loads of topping options) would have been great but the stall we ended up going to- Ice Green was INCREDIBLE. As well as being in a cute mint green van, the ice creams were cashew nut based, all gluten free and there were about 12 different flavours to choose from. Chris went for mint chocolate chip and rocky road and I went for chocolate caramel and rocky road. Both were amazing but the chocolate caramel was out of this world! It was definitely the best ice cream I’ve ever had- that includes vegan and dairy! My mouth is just watering thinking about it now!

After enjoying our delicious ice creams in the sun, we took a walk through to the the lifestyle section (which was in a large tent) of the festival. We then went back outside to pick up some powdered jelly/jam doughnuts we spotted earlier. Again, I cannot remember the name (which is annoying as I’d love to find out more about the company and where I can find them next!) but we got a mixed berry and a strawberry. We took these home with us and didn’t have one until that evening and the other the next day. Even the one we had on the Sunday was amazingly fresh, soft and doughy.. I couldn’t believe how well they stayed on such a warm weekend. Again, possibly one of the best doughnuts I’ve had.. and I’ve been to the infamous Brammibal’s in Berlin! We then went to the stage to watch some of the live entertainment.

(Photo taken from Summer Vegan Festival’s Facebook as I forgot to take one)

Although I couldn’t stop thinking about the ice cream and wanted a second, I did stop myself! Hopefully I will get to try them again. This festival had everything from sweet and savoury food (raw, cooked, healthy & junk food) and from a mix of different cuisines to lifestyle products, live entertainment, cooking demos and talks. It was so worth going and I had a great time :).

Thank you Summer Vegan Fest- you were a blast!


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