Viva! Brighton Vegan Festival 2016

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Brighton is well known for being a very vegan friendly city in the UK, so when vegan festival and events are held, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be an excellent turn out. Well Saturday 3rd September was the Viva! Vegan Festival at Brighton Corn Exchange and it was certainly no exception!

When we first arrived, there was a very long queue which tailed right down to the end of the road. Queues can sometimes be a little frustrating but seeing hundreds of vegans or potential vegans, was a really great sight to see. Whilst waiting in the line, we were handed the Follow Your Heart ‘VeganEgg’ as a freebie.. I’ve not yet tried this exact egg replacer, but I’m really looking forward to making a big weekend breakfast out of it (review to follow)!

Entry to the festival was a very pocket friendly £3 and free for under 16’s. As it’s not as big (yet) as other events such as Vegfest UK which can be a little overwhelming, I believe it encourages a lot of people who want to learn about veganism or are at least, open to it, to attend! The festival offers a wide range of information, advice, demos, and of course goodies to buy whilst covering all areas of veganism- food/nutrition, physical health, cruelty free beauty and various campaigns and charities.. Again, ideal for people who want to learn more or for those who already are vegan but want to find new brands or ways in which they can help.

Viva Fest Mix

My first stop was at the Wear Your Voice clothing stall where I purchased this super cute t-shirt. Not only is it wonderfully designed but about 15% off their profits go to charities and other good causes.

Wear Your Heart

Our next stop was the Animal Equality stall who have 360 degree, immersive, virtual reality headsets of a slaughterhouse (you can watch the video via the link). Having a vegan lifestyle is so normal to me, I can sometimes forget what the majority of people eat and more importantly, how their ‘food’ gets on their plate. This is an amazing project and being ‘transported’ into an industry that is usually kept hidden, was an extremely powerful and moving experience- and in some way was a good reminder of why I chose to be vegan in the first place.


I then visited the lovely Makeup Without Malice store and got the Violet Eyes Unicorn Drool Highlighter.

Makeup Without Malice 2
After seeing a few people post about Jeavons Toffee on Instagram, I just had to try some. I had a little tester of the Almond Dynamite (a ‘Dime’ bar replica) and Smootch (a replica of ‘Rolos’) and of course buy a full pack of each.. SO GOOD!


By this point, we were all quite hungry so went off to the hot food section in the next room. I had a mock duck, rice and veg dish (faux meat from Gillie Food Ltd) with a side of a BBQ Veg steamed bun. My friend got a BBQ jackfruit burger by Pomodoro e Basillco as well as the steamed bun.

Food Multi

After re-fueling ourselevs, we went back into the main hall to check out the rest of the stalls we hadn’t had a chance to see yet. I got a chocolate and ‘nutella’ cake from Vegan Sweet Tooth and two Mr Nice Pies to take home. It was then time to leave the venue.. I left with a happy belly and felt super positive and encouraged by such a fun festival and knowing I’m part of such an encouraging and positive movement/lifestyle.

Later in the evening, myself and Chris had the pies we bought with a potato salad and shared the cake with a serving of Boho Gelato Hazelnut and Coffee ice cream (which was already in our freezer)!


Now, who said vegans only eat leaves?!

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