Walks and nature in the City

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It’s pretty easy to take what’s on our doorstep for granted. I love visiting and exploring new places, but sometimes you just want to be outside without having to travel far. Here are my favourite things to do in Brighton that all involve being outside with nature:

Brighton Undercliff to Shoreham Port 

Living by the seaside does make it a lot easier. One of my favourite things to do, is to just walk to the sea, simply watch the waves or to read or take photos. There’s a nine mile stretch of both cycle and pedestrian friendly path that goes from Saltdean beach to Shoreham Port, passing via Brighton Marina, Brighton Pier and Hove Lawns (which has events on throughout the Summer months). For those who don’t want to walk this, you can hire the new Brighton city bikes, although this won’t be free! Although I’ve never walked the full distance (in one go), I’ve ridden it plenty of times!

Brighton Undercliff, Brighton Marina, Brighton Pier, Hove Lawns, Shoreham Harbour

Preston Park and Preston Rock Gardens (‘The Rookery)’

There are several parks in Brighton, it’s always nice to have some greenery in cities. Although ‘The Level’ often has something going on, my favourite park in Brighton has got to be Preston Park. As well as the children’s play area, football pitches, tennis, bowls and croquet courts, it has also has a velodrome (a familiar place for me!), a garden/vegetable patch section and a wild garden with a pond and stepping stones. Across the road, is Preston Rock Gardens, which has a beautiful selection of plants, ponds and a running waterfall which all sit against the, well staggered rock terrain setting. It’s actually the largest municipal rock gardens in Britain, so definitely worth a visit.

Brighton Preston Rock Gardens

Devil’s Dyke

A little further out of the city we come to the South Downs, which is about 4 miles out of the main city centre. From Seven Dials area of Brighton, there’s just one long stretch of road, called Dyke Road, which leads out of the city to Devil’s Dyke, a National Trust area. Although you can walk this, you may want to get the bus (which goes to the very top) to save your legs and feet so you can walk however many miles you can manage! It’s great place for cyclists (especially mountain bikers), para/wind gliders as well as walkers.

Devil's Dyke West Sussex


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