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Be Kind and Strong.

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This is a just a little post to say, always be kind and always try to be strong. You never know what people are going through. Whether that’s events in someone’s life or something that may be going on for them mentally. Be kind to people, even if you are having a bad day, be patient and… Read More »

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Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

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95% of the time, I make/take my lunch to work. It saves a lot of money, gives me time to sit down and relax (often with a book) or to go out on my lunch break if I’m popping to the local market and also saves on waste! I usually bulk cook the evening before… Read More »

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Recent Vegan Fast Food Eats

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I love the variety of a vegan or plant-based diet. Sometimes an easy dish of rice, steam vegetables and some tofu is my idea of comfort food- something so easy, simple, filling and nutritious. Whereas other times, I crave some fried glutinous food! The fact that I can have both, and all are made from… Read More »

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Choosing the right veg box

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If you struggle to find plastic-free vegetables in your local supermarkets and don’t have the access or time to get to your local fresh market, I would highly recommend getting a veg box delivery. There are so many companies which offer them, that it is a little daunting! It can be difficult to choose one that… Read More »

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Slow Mornings- Learning to Relax

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Does anyone else have difficulties slowing down and learning to relax? I find that my brain is always thinking, always planning and just usually feeling a little restless. Often when I’m winding down with a book or watching some Netflix, my mind will start to wander off and then I start to feel a little… Read More »