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Being Mixed Race and Identification

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Some people can tell, others can’t (but that’s a different story for another time eh?!) but I am in fact mixed race. And pretty proud of it too. My father is English and my Mother is Asian (her father is Hong Kong Chinese and her mother is Malay and Javanese). Growing up was a funny… Read More »

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Exploring East Sussex: Seaford Head and Cuckmere River

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Isn’t it strange how little you explore the places near where you live?! Brighton is just on the border of East and West Sussex and there’s just so much more to see outside of our little colourful seaside town. Since getting our bikes, we’ve definitely explored a lot more of our surrounding areas but not nearly… Read More »

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The Feminist Series: Intro

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Hey all, I want to start a little series called… ‘The Feminist Series.’ I want it to be a little summary of my thoughts with all topics concerned with feminism and life as a woman. As a mixed race person (English, Hong Kong Chinese, Malay and Javanese) there will be a couple of posts on… Read More »

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Fixed Gear Goals 2017

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So, a week into 2017 and I’m already super excited for what this year may bring in terms of cycling and cycling adventures. I’m more determined than ever, to become more confident on my bike and have more confidence in my abilities. I’m certainly going to adopt a ‘can’ do attitude when it comes to… Read More »