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Slow Mornings- Learning to Relax

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Does anyone else have difficulties slowing down and learning to relax? I find that my brain is always thinking, always planning and just usually feeling a little restless. Often when I’m winding down with a book or watching some Netflix, my mind will start to wander off and then I start to feel a little… Read More »

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Flamingo’s Life Trainers

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It’s really not often that I buy new pieces of clothing or footwear, but my two pairs of Vans were looking a little sorry- holes at the front and on the soles and were ripped at the back so that they always felt a bit loose. I was holding out to replace them and also… Read More »

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Let’s talk about Books!

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I have always loved reading and the past two years, I set the challenge of reading 12 books a year or a book a month. In 2017 I read about 14 and for this year, I’m currently on my 18th. I try to read a mix of both fiction and non-fiction. I definitely have inherited… Read More »

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Vegan in Southsea- Hunter Gatherer (Albert Road)

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As my family live in Portsmouth, I often go back to visit them. On a recent trip, I went with my mum and sister to Hunter Gatherer in Southsea. It’s a speciality coffee shop with a fully vegetarian (mostly vegan) menu/kitchen. I believe the cafe has been there for a little while but only went… Read More »