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Seven Sisters Country Park Walk

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One Saturday a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I took a bus to Seven Sisters Country Park. The bus only took 45 mins and was so much easier than getting the train as it was pretty much door to door! The Seven Sisters are a series of cliffs (due to erosion, there are actually… Read More »

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Do I still cycle?

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I haven’t really spoken about cycling for a while and I rarely post about it on my Instagram, so I think some people assume I don’t really cycle these days! However, I certainly say that I am still cycling and still enjoying it very much! Due to life things and preferences, we no longer do… Read More »

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Easy Homemade Vegan Granola

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At my previous job, I always used to make overnight oats and then heat them up at work in the morning. My new work doesn’t have a hob or a  microwave so I’ve been having cold overnight oats (still tasty but just not the same as a comforting bowl of hot oats!) made with either oats and… Read More »