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Easy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas (for Work/School/Uni)

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There are so many vegan options in shops and cafes, that finding a quick vegan lunch isn’t hard these days. However, for various reasons, I prefer to make and take my own lunch to work each day! It’s so much cheaper, uses less plastic and I know exactly what ingredients I’m putting into my food…. Read More »

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Recent Easy Low Waste Switches

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So, even those who do not follow a low waste lifestyle, are most likely aware of the obvious switches when it comes to reducing single use plastic (ie. using your own reusable shopping bag, using a resuable bottle of water and coffee cup and refusing plastic straws). Shampoo Bar Most shampoo and conditioner bottles can… Read More »

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Vegan Food in London

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For Chris’ birthday weekend, we spent one of the days in London. We had beautiful sunshine and warmth. We got to visit a couple of galleries, chill in the park and of course eat some awesome vegan food. Lunch For lunch, we made our way straight to the Soho Vegan Market from Victoria station. I just… Read More »

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4 Years Sober

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For this week’s post, I thought I’d write a little something to mark this day. This day, June 17th 2018, celebrates four whole years of being sober. Although a little socially awkward to begin with, I am very privileged and fortunate to have had a very positive and successful journey into a life of sobriety…. Read More »

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Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary Open Day

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Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary (in Dallington, East Sussex) is a self-funded and vegan run farm which offers full-time care and a ‘home for life’ to animals and birds ‘rescued from the misery of the meat and dairy industry and the horrors of the slaughterhouse.’ They have just four Open Days per year in which… Read More »